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David Ramsey

David Ramsey is an Intuitive Healer committed to helping individuals and communities thrive in health and vitality. His experience in the healing fields spans over two decades with over 2,500 hours of training professionally.

The journey began with an introduction into conscious awareness of language patterns through NLP in 1999. David realized then that we hold those patterns in our bodies and began trainings in Massage Therapy, Zen Shiatsu, Five Element Theory, Intuitive Healing and Energetic Medicine to help individuals release those inhibiting patterns.

David’s studies led to an even deeper examination of Consciousness and inquiry into our Belief Systems and how we can create and dis-create our beliefs at will to create a happier more joy full life.

David’s expertise and passion lies in assisting release of chronic concerns and issues on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. His approach to personal and professional growth is threefold in Body, Mind, & Spirit. When your body feels good your mind is free to create, and when your mind is free to create, you spirit can soar!

“Each person walks a path. My aim is to honor that path and help them expand the awareness of who they are to release Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual disharmonies. My hope and desire is to inspire people and help them experience joy in their life more often than not.” – David

David’s Certifications include: Graduated Phoenix Therapeutic Massage Collage (1993), Usui Reiki and Terra Mai Reiki Master Teacher (1993), Bachelors in Religious Studies from Arizona State University (1999), Graduated Zen Shiatsu School with added focus in Five Element Chinese Medical Theory (2003), Certificate in NLP (1989), Completed Avatar Master Training (2005) and Certified in Energetic Medicine through Victoria Merkle School of Energetic Medicine (2010).


Freia Ramsey, Yoga Therapist

Freia Ramsey has studied many forms of yoga since 1997. She is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and a Certified Yoga Therapist with the International Yoga Therapy Association.  She sees clients privately and in small individualized classes and also teaches Yoga Teacher Trainings and workshops. Freia’s yoga classes are based on the needs of the students in that moment; facilitating self-awareness and giving each student the tools to create positive change in their whole being: body, mind and spirit.

My yoga teaching comes from a sincere desire to help people to alleviate suffering in their bodies and their minds. Yoga has helped me to overcome anxiety and depression, to realign my spine, to feel strong and resilient in my body and to feel a sense of deep inner peace. The greatest benefit of my yoga practice however, is how it helps me to be kinder with myself and others..  I want to share this life changing practice with others who are ready to be their best selves.

Peter Geller M.S., L.Ac., L.O.M.P.

Peter Geller, M.S., L.Ac., L.O.M.P.,  has been practicing acupuncture and Oriental medicine since 1998.  National board-certified in both acupuncture and Chinese herbology, he has worked in a variety of conventional and holistic health-care settings.  He received his training at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York, which has been widely considered the most extensive and rigorous Oriental medicine program in the United States.

Peter comes to Integral Life Healing with substantial experience at both integrative and functional medicine centers, including stints with the integrative medicine departments of the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals.  His Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice encompasses treatment not only of acute and chronic pain, but also a wide variety of internal medicine conditions, such as gynecological, digestive, and respiratory problems; psychological and emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, and obsessive thinking, and nicotine and alcohol dependence.  Areas of special interest include integrative gynecology, in which he has taken much additional training focused  on infertility, menstrual problems, symptoms of menopause, and many other aspects of women’s health.

Using the methods and thinking of TCM, including clinical “pattern discrimination” and classical pulse and tongue diagnosis, Peter takes great care to tailor treatment to the needs and presentation of each patient, and to alter his therapeutic approach as the situation warrants.  In keeping with TCM’s focus on the underlying causes of imbalance and illness, he also emphasizes lifestyle modification, where factors such as poor diet, sleep, or exercise habits play a significant role in his patient’s condition.

During the 1970’s, Peter trained extensively in Yang-style short-form tai ji (t’ai chi), the gentle Chinese system of internal exercise noted for promoting health, relaxation, energy, and balance, among many other benefits.  He studied in New York with the late American master Lou Kleinsmith, senior American student of grandmaster Cheng Man-Ch’ing.  Peter has been teaching this style since 1977 and intends to begin new form classes at Integral Life Healing. 

In addition to his clinical and teaching interests, Peter has an ongoing commitment to enhance public awareness of holistic medicine, to help bridge the gap between mainstream and unconventional treatment methods, and to advance the new integrative medicine model, which seeks to bring holistic methods into mainstream awareness and practice.  He has given numerous talks on such topics as understanding the system of TCM, psychological applications of Chinese medicine, acupuncture for pain and physical rehabilitation, uses of TCM in palliative care, media coverage of medical alternatives, and the role of integrative medicine in modern health care.

Prior to beginning his Oriental medicine studies 20 years ago, Peter spent a decade as a working newspaper reporter.  He earned a master’s in science, medical, and environmental journalism from New York University in 1984, freelanced for The New York Times, and then spent more than eight years as a staff writer covering environmental and general news for The Plain Dealer in Cleveland. 

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Nicole Joseph LMT.

Nicole is a wonderful Massage Therapist! Nicole utilizes foundational techniques to normalize tissues, relieve tension and aid in your bodies natural healing ability. Nicole combines Science and as well as intuition to deliver a unique experience. With sound and vibration, she speaks to the nervous and muscular systems. While cupping and warm bamboo therapy address the tissues by increasing blood flow and assisting with nutrient delivery. Every session is uniquely crafted for your personal experience and health as investment in your over all wellbeing.

Shanna Brown, YT200

Shanna has studied various types of movement her whole life from sports, to dance, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and yoga. “No matter what physical limitations I have experienced or experience, I have always found a way to move my body in a safe, enhancing and fun way!” Shanna believes in helping people fall in love with movement and moving their bodies. She strives to help others build flexibility, endurance, and strength in a pain free and enjoyable way. Movement is fun! 

Shanna is a preschool teacher and has taught dance to young children for the past 9 years. She is excited for this new opportunity to share her love of yoga with adults. Her background in studying multiple healing modalities including reiki, ayurvedic medicine and marma are all integrated in her yoga classes to make class a healing and fun experience. 

Shanna completed her 200 hour level yoga teacher certification in the fall of 2016. She is also certified in Usui Reiki Level 1 as well as certified in Holy Fire Usui Reiki level 1 and level 2 at Akashic Ascension in 2015.