Sunbird Variation

Sunbird Variation
Sunbird pose helps to increase balance, strengthen the abdominals, the back, glutes, wrists, elbows, neck and shoulders.
• From your hands and knees with your shoulders over your wrists, knees hip width apart and your knees beneath your hips.
• Gently engage your lower abdominal muscles to draw the tailbone back and straighten the spine. Keep both hips square to the earth.
• Inhale and stretch your left leg back toes facing down, flexing your foot, as if you are pressing it against the wall behind you. Hips, opposite arm and leg are parallel to the earth.
• Exhale, round your back as you draw your left knee and forehead towards each other
• Do this three times with your breath and then switch legs.
• After you’ve done both sides, rest in child’s pose and notice the effects of the
movements on your breath, your physical body, and the state of your mind.