Chair Yoga: Cobra

Cobra Variation on Chair

This is a back bend that opens up your chest and pectoral muscles. It is the opposite position that your spine is in for the majority of the day. It is an important counterpose for all of the forward rounding of our backs and necks that driving, working on the compute and looking at cell phones encourages. This pose is enlivening to the nervous system promoting mental alertness and focus and it opens up the ribcage increasing our lung capacity.


Begin by scooting towards the front of your chair seat. Tilt your pelvis forward arching your back. Bring your hands to the back rest of the chair and draw your shoulders blades towards each other. Hold onto the back of the chair as you gently pull your chest forward. Look up gently so that there is a similar arch in your neck as in the rest of your spine. This should feel good. If you have trouble breathing in a slow and relaxed way, then you have pushed to intensely into the back bed and should do less.