Chair Yoga: Cat/Cow Variation

Have you been sitting at your computer for hours? Does your back feel achey or too weak to sit up straight? Do you feel unfocused or agitated?

Wake up the muscles of your core for better posture, release tension from your back, regulate your nervous system and focus on the present moment, all with this simple chair yoga technique.

Sit in your chair towards the front of the seat so that your back does not rest on the backrest. Feel your sits bones pushing down into the chair seat. Tilt your pelvis forward and back rolling to the front of your sits bones and then to the back. As you do this your back will arch and then round. 


Coordinate your movements with your breath so that as you inhale you arch your back and as you exhale you round your back. Keep your movements gentle and mindful. You shouldn’t feel any pain, just a gentle stretch. This should feel good.

This movement of flexing and extending your spine warms up and relaxes all the muscles of your back and core, it lubricates the intervertebral discs and increases circulation. By coordinating your movement and your breath you calm your mind, increase your lung capacity and come right to the present moment.

Try this for at least 10 breaths and notice if you feel any different in your body or the state of your mind.

Please post in the comments how you feel before and after doing this exercise!