Child's Pose Variation

Is your lower back hurting or tired? Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed?

Stretch and release tension from your lower back and hips and soothe your nervous system with this variation on child’s pose.

Sit towards the edge of your chair. Sit up on your sits bones with a tall spine and your hands on your thighs. Inhale; arch your back looking up gently. As you exhale, fold forward towards your thighs.

As you inhale lift back up. Do this three times to warm up your back and then rest with your chest on or close to your thighs for 4-6 breaths if it feels good. You should feel a gentle stretch in your lower back and maybe your hips and thighs, but no pain. 

Come up out of the pose on an inhalation, nice and slow. You may get a little head rush when they come up if you aren’t used to coming up and down. Rest with a tall spine breathing in a slow relaxed way for a few breaths before resuming any activities.

You can repeat this movement with your knees and feet wide so that as you come down you may be able to go a little farther. You will probably feel a stretch in your groin muscles . Only go down as far as it is comfortable. If it is a little too intense in your hips and thighs, you can bring your feet and knees closer together. 

Always make adjustments so that you are comfortable enough to breath in a relaxed manner in every pose. This way you are relaxing your body and calming your nervous system simultaneously.