Knee Deep Wisdom - Guidance

Our Guides are not here with us to coddle us. They are here to support us, to nudge us along to something more than what we are in this moment.

Life is a series of choices, learning and choosing again. For some of us we get so afraid of making the wrong choice that we attempt to wait for "Guidance." We attempt to not make a choice out of fear, as if, if we were to make this choice, will never be able to make another choice again.

But Stop! Just for a moment, and listen to the guidance that we are receiving every moment of every day! It is there at all times of the day or night!

I will give you a hint. It will never be to hide. It will never be to act or be less than anything. The guidance will always be to Live! Choose! Learn! Choose again! 

You know what is right for you. Listen to what makes your heart sing and draws you towards being ever more than what you are now!

Blessings, David

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David Ramsey

David Ramsey is an Intuitive Healer committed to helping individuals and communities thrive in health and vitality. His experience in the healing fields spans over two decades with over 2,500 hours of training professionally. The journey began with an introduction into conscious awareness of language patterns through NLP in 1999. David realized then that we hold those patterns in our bodies and began trainings in Massage Therapy, Zen Shiatsu, Five Element Theory, Intuitive Healing and Energetic Medicine to help individuals release those inhibiting patterns. David’s studies led to an even deeper examination of Consciousness and inquiry into our Belief Systems and how we can create and dis-create our beliefs at will to create a happier more joy full life.

David’s expertise and passion lies in assisting release of chronic concerns and issues on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. His approach to personal and professional growth is threefold in Body, Mind, & Spirit. When your body feels good your mind is free to create, and when your mind is free to create, you spirit can soar!

“Each person walks a path. My aim is to honor that path and help them expand the awareness of who they are to release Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual disharmonies. My hope and desire is to inspire people and help them experience joy in their life more often than not.” – David

David’s Certifications include: Graduated Phoenix Therapeutic Massage Collage (1993), Usui Reiki and Terra Mai Reiki Master Teacher (1993), Bachelors in Religious Studies from Arizona State University (1999), Graduated Zen Shiatsu School with added focus in Five Element Chinese Medical Theory (2003), Certificate in NLP (1989), Completed Avatar Master Training (2005) and Certified in Energetic Medicine through Victoria Merkle School of Energetic Medicine (2010).