Yoga as Therapy for Transitioning Into Spring

Yoga as Therapy for

Transitioning Into Spring


Spring is the Season of Kapha which is comprised of the elements of earth and water. This means that it is cold, wet, stagnant and heavy. It is a time of cleansing of stagnant energy accumulated during the Winter. Kapha also refers to the growth or accumulation of life. Once that excess Kapha, stagnant energy from Winter is cleansed, the conditions are ripe for renewel and regrowth.






You can see this happening all around us; the snow has melted and the ground is cold and wet, full of mud. Once this mud begins to dry out the shoots of Spring flowers appear and buds form on the trees. The sun begins to shine more often warming the air and the ground.

            Our bodies and minds are effected by these seasonal changes as well as you can see this in how tired and sluggish we may feel at the end of Winter and beginning of Spring. We may have accumulated some extra weight; physical and emotional and our metabolism, (inner fire) is dampened. The negative emotional manifestation of Kapha is sadness and grief and the positive emotion is nurturing love. When we work to be in sync with nature, to support the natural changes that happen within us, we can transition more fluidly. A yoga practice to balance kapha should be cleansing, energizing, warming and balancing so that you feel vibrant, energized and full of enthusiasm, full of love for life and for yourself.

Lifestyle Recommendations:

1.     Morning Self-Care (Self-Love) Routine

Prayer of Gratitude & Affirmations

Drink warm water with lemon in morning

Tongue scraping

Neti pot

Oil pulling

Lymphatic dry brush massage


Self-massage with oil

2. Practice Yoga Daily – choose a practice designed to balance out the current imbalances in your mind, body and the external environment

3. Eat nourishing whole foods, lots of greens, prepared with love

4. Go for Walks in nature, notice the many small and miraculous signs of the current season

5. Early to Bed, early to Rise in time with sun






Components of a Kapha Balancing Yoga Practice:

1. Intention of Love and Gratitude

2. Forward Folds = soothing to nervous system, cleanse digestive system

3. Back bends = cleanse lungs and lymphatic system, energizing

4. Twists = cleansing to internal organs, symbolize choices, change and movement

5. Ujaii breath = internally warms the cells, balances nervous system

6. Breath Retention = increases energy, prana in body

7. Breath of Life = energizing & enlivening

8. Breath of Fire = heating, strengthens core muscles builds agni in digestive system, cleanses stale air out of the bottom of the lungs

9. Meditation on Light & Growth

10. Crystal Bowls = vibration cleanses energy channels throughout the body; focus on heart and throat seat of kapha in bod

You can join me this Saturday from 1-3:30pm at The Essential Zen Yoga Studio in Aurora, Ohio for a lecture and practice that extrapolates on the concepts in this post.