What inspires me about yoga?


The practice of yoga puts me fully in my being. When I practice I feel whole. I feel deeply connected to the world around me while being rooted securely within my core. I stop looking for something interesting outside of this moment in time because all that is happening right now is so full. 

I keep coming back to my practice, back to my yoga mat, over and over, day after day, year after year, because it brings me back to myself, it brings me home. When I am at home, at ease in my mind and body, then obstacles fall away and my path is easily revealed.

It is a practice of love and dedication to keep coming back, to continually show up for myself. Even when I don't like the person I'm showing up to be with, even when she fights me every step of the way, pouts like a 2 year old or flings insults like a teenager. I keep showing up for myself because I deserve that kind of unconditional love and acceptance and I need it just as we all do in order to grow and evolve. 

The greater the emotional or mental muck that I am enmeshed it, the more profound the power of the practice is. When I focus my mind on my breath and my body, I am able to move through my obstacles and transcend them. It is this miraculous process that energizes me and that I am inspired to share with others.


The Practice: