Nature Is Our Greatest Teacher

Nature has so much to teach us if we are still and listen with our entire being.

Every Spring I am reminded that I am a creature of the Earth who is effected on every level by the environment around me. When I lift my face to the sun and spread my arms wide opening my heart to the light and the warmth, I feel a sense of expansion and inspiration. It is as if I am reborn in a way each year as I watch the earth being reborn. I feel that time in nature helps me to have more joy and peace in my life. Many studies support this idea that time in green spaces reduce stress hormone levels, increase relaxation and brighten our moods.  With Mother Nature being so inviting right now, it is easier to want to spend time outside; digging in the dirt, walking, laying in the grass, climbing a tree.

If you have a yoga or meditation practice, this is a perfect opportunity to expand that practice by practicing in the grass barefoot. When you practice tree pose, stand facing a tree and focus your gaze on that tree. Feel your grounded foot grow roots that reach deep down into the earth drawing the nutrients up into your trunk. Reach your arms up as branches opening up to the sunlight, soaking it into your hands, arms face and heart. Feel the life force energy that you are receiving from the sun and the earth fill you, giving you strength, flexibility and balance just like a tree.

When we meditate on an object whether it is something we are looking at externally, such as a candle, a statue, an image, or something we are imaging in our mind's eye, such as a saint, a guru, a mantra or prayer, the effect is that we begin to take on aspects of that object. If it is a St. Francis perhaps we begin to become more compassionate towards all beings, if it is a prayer for peace then we may become more peaceful ourselves. If we choose to sit outside on the grass and meditate on a tree, we may become stronger, more flexible and resilient. I know that when I practice mindfulness meditation in nature I am filled with a sense of awe at miracles around me and a great sense of gratitude to be part of the cycle of life.

I invite you to find time this Spring to be present with the beauty around you and within you. If you are interested in developing strength, flexibility and new growth within your body, mind and spirit, please join me for Hatha yoga on Sat. at 9:00am or Yoga Therapy Sat. at 10:30 and Tues. nights at 6:45 pm.

The Divine in Me Sees and Honors the Divine in You.